Matheus Blackglade

CG Ranger, Level 4


Class: Ranger
Level: 4
Background: Folk Hero
Race: Human (variant)
Alignment: CG

Ability/Modifier/Score/Saving throws

Armor: 17
Speed: 30
Hit points: 42
Hit Dice: 4d10

Inspiration: 0
Proficiency bonus: +2

A lord rescinded an unpopular decree due to the protest l led.
People deserve respect and dignity
I protest for those who cannot protest for themselves
Flaw I am convinced of my destiny and ignore my shortcomings

acrobatics +4
animal handling +4 (proficient)
Arcana 0
Athletics 0
Deception +5 (proficient)
History 0
Insight 2
intimidation +3
Investigation 0
Medicine +2
Nature 0
Perception +4 (proficient)
Performance +3
Persuasion +2
Religion 0
Sleight of hand +4
stealth +6 (proficient)
Survival +4 (proficient)

Armor: light, medium, shields
Weapons: simple and martial
Languages: Common, Draconic, and Elven

Infiltrator feature (DM fiat)
False identity: Matheus is known as Corris Greymantle within the Cult of the Dragon. He is believed to be a member of good standing within the cult.

Rapier (x2) att: 6/dmg: 1d8 4/type piercing (two weapon fighting/see feats)
light crossbow att: +6/dmg: 1d8/type piercing

Dual wielder (human variant)
+1 to AC while you are wielding a weapon in each hand
You can use two weapon fighting even when the melee weapons you are wielding are not light
draw/stow weapons as one action

+5 to initiative
cannot be surprised
Other creatures do not gain advantage as a result of being hidden

Harpers: Matheus joined the Harpers to bring down the cult of the dragon. He is using his false identity to bring down the cult from within.


Matheus and his younger brother Marcus grew up in Scornubel, also known as the Caravan City due to the large amount of tradesmen that pass through the city. Matheus’ father, Josen, was a huntsman who made his living hunting and selling furs. Josen worked the forest ever mindful of the gnoll population. He would be gone for months at a time and it would be up to Matheus and Marcus to care for themselves as their mother had died during childbirth.

When Matheus was older he joined his father on his hunting trips. Marcus came on the trips once and refused to after that saying that “life outside the city just didn’t seem natural”. Matheus learned his skills as a ranger on these trips. He wasn’t fond of killing animals for their fur but at least he was able to convince his father to move to different parts of the forest each trip.

While We were away from Scornubel on our trips Marcus had joined the thieves guild. The Thieves guild was quite wealthy with so many caravans and rich merchants to rob, Marcus had taken a liking to luxury afforded him at the guild. When his thieving couldn’t keep up with the lifestyle he wanted he started coming up with get rich quick schemes.

Matheus tried to convince Marcus to leave the guild but he wouldn’t listen. When he had his father returned from a hunting trip Marcus was gone without a trace. Matheus tracked down Marcus’ friend and bribed them for information. They told him that Marcus had joined the Cult of the Dragon who were to due to raid towns nearby soon.

Matheus found a Cult of the Dragon recruiter and joined the cult under the name Corris Greymantle, Matheus spent several months with the cult searching for his brother. He finally tracked down a friend of his brothers within the cult and after several tickets worth of ale, which he pick-pocketed off other members of the cult, Matheus learned his brothers fate. Marcus quickly got disenchanted with the cult and succeeded in robbing the cults coffers. Unfortunately for Marcus the cults reach is far and wide and they tracked him down.

Matheus found his brother in a shallow grave a few dozen miles south of Baldur’s Gate. He returned his brother’s body home to Scornubel to receive a proper burial next to their mother. A few days later he received a letter from a family friend, the wandering monk Leosin Erlanthar, asking for aid. Matheus gather what supplies he needed and left for the town of Greennest.

Matheus Blackglade

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